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How to Change the UUID of a Linux Partition

Change partition UUIDDuplicated UUID’s can be a big problem on your machine. But luckily it is easy to change the UUID of a Linux partition and can be done in roughly 1-2 minutes!

The UUID of a Linux partition is the Universally Unique IDentifier of that partition. I would say with a fair bit of confidence that in this and most scenarios, the Linux partition UUID has more of a local machine scope.

How to clone a partition or hard drive in Ubuntu (Linux)

Cloning a hard drive can be useful for backing up (byte for byte) or moving data to a new hard drive. In Ubuntu this is pretty simple, though it is important to pay attention!

We’re going to use a few tools:

  • fdisk to create the partition
  • mkfs to create the filesystem
  • dd┬áto clone bytes