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Some Linux stuff that might be useful. Covering Ubuntu, BASH scripting and whatever else falls in.

How to Change the UUID of a Linux Partition

Change partition UUIDDuplicated UUID’s can be a big problem on your machine. But luckily it is easy to change the UUID of a Linux partition and can be done in roughly 1-2 minutes!

The UUID of a Linux partition is the Universally Unique IDentifier of that partition. I would say with a fair bit of confidence that in this and most scenarios, the Linux partition UUID has more of a local machine scope.

Faster DNS Servers….

DNS Servers are like phone books, they translate the the readable name of to the IP of In short, the quicker your DNS servers, the quicker the initial lookup/connection to the website…. check out namebench to find the fastest DNS servers for you!

Install MySQL 5.5 From Source (Load Data Local Infile Issues?)

Install MySQL from sourceWhy?…. LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE?

I recently updated my home machine to Ubuntu 12.04 and found MySQL 5.5 installed as default. As happy as I was to have the latest stable MySQL server, I was a bit gutted to find that LOAD DATA LOCAL was disabled as default, due to security issues. These issues may be valid but this is my local environment and I’ve got projects that require it so thought I’d waste utilize some free time fixing it.

Install Lamp Server on Ubuntu

Install LAMP server ubuntu

Install LAMP Server – Ubuntu: The command we’re all after….

Install LAMP Server on Ubuntu?

A few complex packages but all (bar linux!) can be installed with one command and then following the on-screen instructions:

(NOTE: All the commands here need to be typed into a terminal, open one by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T.)

Restart X shortcut for Ubuntu?

Sometimes in you find yourself in the middle of a graphical meltdown, all of a sudden the restart X shortcut for Ubuntu is your best friend! Otherwise you find yourself trying to drop out of graphical mode into a terminal user. Or heading straight for the power button!

So, what is the restart X shortcut for Ubuntu?

For a long time the restart X shortcut was:

Ctrl + Alt + Backspace

This helped many people out of a bad spot. Graphic capabilities were limited in them days and hang ups were more common. Hardware and Linux distributions have improved since and become more stable since then.

Since Ubuntu 10.04 this was changed to the lesser known shortcut:

Alt + PrtScr/SysReq + K